Solana, Blockchain, Nft Solafinger

10,000 unique Solafingers that exist on the Solana blockchain. November 3rd - 18:00 UTC

Minting Begins  |  0.2 SOL


10,000 unique Solafinger's

Each Solafinger is unique and randomly generated from over a billion different combinations. Some are rarer than others but all are equally cool
10,000 total supply on the Solana blockchain
100+ unique traits
Minting 1 Solafinger costs 0.2 SOL + GAS
After minting Solafinger will be tradable on secondary marketplaces
Owner owns all commercial rights of their Solafinger
Exclusive access, rewards and merch only available to holders
500 pre sale given away for free

Solafinger Road Map


  • Website, Twitter and Discord server launches
  • Marketing starts
  • Giveaways and daily discord competitions


  • 9,250 Solafinger made available to mint from our website
  • Discord roles and community team assemble
  • 500 Solafinger giveaway competition CLOSED

Post Mint

  • Selecting winners for for the 500 Solafinger Giveaway
  • Airdrops for Solafinger holders
  • How rare is my Solafinger? Launch on RarityMon
  • Solafinger added to at least 2 Secondary Markets, like Solsea, Digital Eyes etc

The futures bright

  • Floor sweeps every month
  • Ongoing collaborations with other great projects
  • Merch store opens
  • Exclusive access to new projects and hidden areas of the Solafinger community for all Solafinger holders

Got Questions?

What are Solafingers?

Solafinger's consists of 10,000 unique Solafinger NFTs stored on the Solana blockchain. Each Solafinger is unique and randomly generated from over 100 different traits.

Why do i need Solafingers?

All holders of Solafinger NFTs will have voting rights on the future direction of the project. You also own the full rights to your Solafinger and long term holders will benefit from future rewards and additional NFT drops.

How much is a Solafinger?

1 Solafinger will now cost ONLY 0.2 SOL to mint.

We want to reward and build the Solafinger community so we have decided to reduce the mint price from 1 SOL to 0.2 SOL.


Out of the 10,000 Solafingers minted

750 are reserved and allocated for giveaways and rewards
9250 will be available in the main sale for 0.2 SOL + GAS.

All tokens have a 5% royalty fee

Images and metadata stored on Arweave


There are 6 Solafinger types with over 100 different attributes, such as Backgrounds, Fingers, Heads, Beards, Eyes and Accessories.

Some attributes are rarer than others. Minting is random.

A full rarity chart will be released once the public mint has ended.

How do I purchase a Solafinger?

Solafingers can be minted from the Solafinger website from 3rd November @6pm UTC onwards.

Once the mint is complete or ended, we will list Solafinger on at least 2 Solana secondary NFT marketplaces. For example Solanart, Solsea, Digital Eyes and Magic Eden.

Is there a Pre-Sale?

As we have lowered the mint price to only 0.2 SOL, we have decided there is no pre-sale

How many Solafingers can i buy?

Unlimited Solafinger can be minted per address but only one per transaction.

Which wallet should I use? How can I view my Solafingers?

We recommend Phantom Wallet or SolFlare. To view your collection, simply click on the NFT tab in either wallet.

Are you really giving away 500 Solafinger's for FREE?


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